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ATAK - Compression Top SS

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ATAK Men's Compression Top Short Sleeve

Tired of aching pain from workouts?

Want to shorten your recovery window so that you can be at your best every training session?

Experiencing too many injurys or you're trying to revover from an injury?

Well compression wear is the solution to all of your problems!

Why Compression?

Lactic acid is a waste product of anaerobic respiration. In times of intense energy needs, such as during a sprint, muscles switch to anaerobic respiration because it's a much quicker way to produce energy. Build up of lactic acid causes "Delayed-onset Muscle Soreness" (DOMS). which can leave you with aching pain after an intense workout or training session.

Compression can actually help prevent the build up of lactic acid in the muscles by maintaining blood flow and helping blood vessels remain dilated for longer after periods of excersion. This is why compression is one of the steps in the injury recovery process known as "RICE". Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Compression can reduce the inflammation that comes from using your muscles by moving toxins out of the tissue. This helps them to heal and rebuild more quickly; plus, less inflammation can mean less soreness.


The Atak Compression Tights are a versatile and essential piece for any activity or post exercise recovery. These graduated tights are breathable and lightweight, yet supportive to major muscles. A high comfort wide waistband supports the core for enhanced technique and stability during activity. Body firming and ideal for both low and high impact training, competition or recovery demands.

  • Graduated compression engineered to promote maximum blood flow
  • Faster pre-exercise muscle warm up
  • Reduced fatigue through less muscle oscillation
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Reduced long-term overuse injuries
  • Greater power output
  • Heightened proprioception and awareness of limb placement for agility

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